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Tiny Goalie
A simple yet addictive soccer game
Tiny Goalie is a simple pick-up-and-play game yet it’s great fun and highly addictive.

To save the goal, simply slide your goalie left and right to stop incoming footballs from going into the back of the net. Your objective is to score as high as possible, stopping all balls and avoiding flying water bottles. Don't let the appearance fool you. Tiny Goalie is simple to learn, yet challenging to master.

★ Top 8 Free Games - Apple AppStore 2014 (Italy)

Simply Addictive
"Tiny Goalie is simple on the surface, challenging to conquer, and fun to play almost any time of the day."
148 Apps ★★★★½
  • Collect up to four medals
  • Challenge your friends on Game Center
  • Share your hi-scores on Twitter
  • Available on iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android