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Tiny Striker: World Football
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the German league / my German team?
We have replaced the German league with the Portuguese league, this change will transfer you from a German team into an equivalent Portuguese team
Why are my characters pink/purple?
This was a bug in v1.3.5 and it is now fixed in v1.3.6 please visit the App Store and download the latest update.
Why I am seeing Team A and Team B?
This is a bug we are aware of. If you are experiencing this issue please contact us on support@fatfishgames.com
After I get promoted I can't continue or I am kicked out of the game and I can't get back in!
This is a known issue. If you are experiencing this issue please contact us on support@fatfishgames.com
Can I reset my game progress?
Yes, there is the functionality to allow you to reset their game progress. Follow the steps below to do this: 1. Press the settings button from the main game menu 2. In Settings select the 'Reset Game' option 3. Press the 'Reset' button on the 'Reset Progress' pop-up 4. You will be asked one more time to confirm you are happy to reset. Press CONFIRM to continue with the reset or CANCEL to stop the reset process. NOTE: After reset you will keep any XP, energy, training levels and cards. But ALL other data and progress will be wiped. After the reset it is not possible to restore any data at a later date.
Why can't I use Boots/Match Boosts?
Boots and Match Boosts are locked until you have enough Striker Level to unlock them. Check the blue XP badge in the middle of each card to know what level of Striker Level you need to reach in order to unlock the card. Unlocked cards can then be purchased with coins earned or purchased in the game.
What does the challenge 'Score off the defenders' mean?
To complete this challenge you have to score a goal by rebounding/hitting a defender whilst the ball is in flight. So you have to kick the ball, hit any defender and score a goal, all in the same shot.
Can I use different languages?
Currently we only support English and Spanish language. We are looking to roll out different language support in the future. Let us know which language you would like to see!
How do I lob the ball?
Some matches may require you to chip the ball over those pesky defenders. To do this: swipe backwards on the screen. The angle and speed of your back swipe will determine the direction and speed of the chip. Hope that helps and now get chipping over those defenders!
Who is the music from in the game?
All three tracks come from the artist Blank & Kytt. You can listen to more of their tracks here - https://archive.org/details/Heavy_Crazy_Serious-11651
Why can't I buy Boots/Match Boosts?
When buying an item, you need enough money to buy the item, and more importantly, make sure you have enough Striker Level available to unlock it, in order to buy it. You may not have enough coins because of a syncing issue online. Please force close the game and relaunch it to update you current balance.
I have coins, but I can't buy an item
Your coins can go out of sync if playing offline or disconnecting from your wi-fi or mobile data. When it does this it can display the incorrect coin value, resulting in too much or very little coins than you actually have. You can rectify this issue by force closing the app and relaunching it. It will then update your coin value. Make sure you are online when doing this.
My energy does not regenerate or is stuck at 00:00
This usually occurs when you play the game offline. Check that your device is online. Also try closing and restarting the game to resync your energy level, or timer.
How do I restore my Coin Doubler purchase?
To restore your Coin Doubler purchase. Go into this game settings - you do this by pressing the cog icon at the top left of the main menu - then press the Restore button.
Someone accidentally made an in-app purchase. How do I get a refund?
As with most downloadable software products, items bought through our games (in-app purchases) are generally non-refundable. In some special occasions there can be exceptions, however. The transaction process is controlled by Apple (for iOS devices) or Google (for Android devices), and both companies have support teams who handle refund requests. For Apple (iOS) devices: Visit Apple support and select the 'Contact iTunes store support' link, then 'Purchases, billing and redemption' and choose the option that fits you best. For Google (Android) devices: Visit Google support and perform a search, or use the ‘Contact us’ button on the page (English language site only) to reach a Google customer support representative by email or by phone.
The game is too hard, how can I win more easily?
The game is designed so that when you get promoted to a new league, the game is more challenging, and to be able to compete at this new league level your Striker can only do so much to help your team to win. To get further in the game, you must do 3 things: 1. Transfer to a better quality team in your division (or if possible the next division above you) 2. Use boots and match boosts to help in each match 3. Always train your Striker's skills (Curl and Power) on the Striker page
What do team stars mean & can I improve them?
The team stars are used to show the quality of that team and is useful to judge how difficult the team you will be playing against is. If you are in a low-star team, and you're playing against a high-star team, it will be a very tough match. You cannot directly improve your team's stars, but you can transfer to a better team with higher stars to help you progress through the leagues. 
Why have I not received the coins/energy I have purchased?
Please make sure you have a good data connection, and hard close the app (iPhone -double press home button on the device and swipe away). Then re open the game to see if it updates your coin amount. If you have a record of the purchase you made, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you out.
The Double award button does not show
There are a few reasons why the coin doubling button and energy refill video button becomes unavailable: 1. You have a poor data connection 2. The is an issue with the video provider who serves the video 3. You have reached the limit for the number of videos you are allowed to watch per day If there is an issue, then the game will no longer show the doubler button, or free energy refill button.
Why does my Striker training max half way when I train?
The maximum you can train your Striker is limited, so you can vary and add additional skill boosts via Sponsors and Boots. You can continue to maximise your skills by upgrading to better Sponsors as well as use better Boots.
How can I improve the performance of the game?
You can toggle through different quality levels in the game in the Settings popup. This will help with the performance of the game on low-end devices. To do this, please follow these steps: 1. Select 'SETTINGS' button. 2. Select between Auto, Low, Med, High and Max quality levels. Auto - Switches down the above settings, until a acceptable average frame-rate is reached. Note it will not auto-step back up to a better setting. Low - Removes Aliasing, low quality textures, low particle effects, no blurring effects, reduced crowd. Med - Med quality textures, removes anti-aliasing, med particle effects, no blurring effects, full crowd. High - 2x Anti-Aliasing, reduced animation quality, high particle effects, no blurring effects, Full quality textures, full crowd. Max - 4x Anti-Aliasing, full quality animations, max particle effects, burring effects, full quality textures, full crowd. 3. Play the game under the new quality setting conditions to see how the game performance and adjust if it needs to be improved.
I lost my progress, how can I recover it? (Android)
Unfortunately we cannot recover your progress on Android devices. Once the game is removed and reinstalled, it will lose all progress. We hope to offer complete player syncing, including the syncing of season progress in a future version of the game.
Why do you ask for these permissions? (Android)
Here is a list of permissions and why we ask for them: Camera - we need this so EveryPlay can record videos of the screen ONLY whilst playing the game.  Microphone - we need this so EveryPlay can record video audio  ONLY whilst playing the game .  Wi-Fi Connection Information - for example leaderboard & achievement data  Find accounts on the device - this is so we can use the Google Play services features; leaderboards & achievements.  Full network access - for example leaderboard & achievement data  Google Play billing service - used for In-app payments Device & App history - to allow us to run energy or training timers whilst the game is soft-closed Contacts - required by Facebook to allow in game sharing Photos / Media / Files - to rear and write the game's save data to local storage or to export shared highlights or screen captures Storage - to read and write to local storage, should the game be installed on an SD card Device ID & call information - to detect when an incoming call is occurring and to pause the game Phone - to detect when an incoming call is occurring and to pause the game We do not share your details with anyone. By having Facebook and EveryPlay in our game, it requires us to request these permissions for these services to function as they are intended, even though our game may not even need to use them, such as contacts.

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